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Building Extraordinary Success With Clarity &  Joy


Shanit Frydman, Esq.

...reveals your personal truths to unlock exponential success through alignment and balance

Shanit Frydman, Esq. is an attorney who coaches exceptional business leaders and executives to reach their highest potential, with joy.  Shanit combines her problem-solving legal training with the practice of conscious awareness to teach clients how to step into a new level of success, with an invigorating sense of purpose and fulfillment. 


Shanit works with leaders across the start-up, small business and corporate industries to design and implement plans that result in dramatically increased revenue, productivity, and efficiency.  The answer is simple.  Yes,  she has created some really effective tools based on scientifically proven methods.  But the tools aren't the solution. Throw a hammer at a nail and you'll understand.   It's in the teaching of how to use the tool- it's the perspective shift, the mindset recalibration...the sense of humor and the joy.   It's the reminder that success doesn't have to hurt. It's the affirmation that this world is abundant and alive. There is no limit to the impact your company can achieve, the revenue you can acquire, the satisfaction you can enjoy.  There really is hope to rebuild and grow your multi million dollar company, with a sense of purpose and impact.  

Identify Personalized Goals 

Eliminate Emotional and Physical Obstacles 

Create Clear  Roadmap to Reach Goals

Use Concepts of Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity to Inform Change


The Evidence Based Method:

Replace FEAR BASED decision making with DREAM BASED decision making

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