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My Story

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My name is Shanit Frydman.  

My professional journey began as a trial attorney for the City of Los Angeles.  As a Prosecutor, I became an expert at navigating an incredibly emotional Criminal Justice System to pursue truth and justice.  I worked closely and regularly with difficult opposing attorneys, complicated bench officers and generous (but often irritable) jurors. The courtroom was my greatest classroom- where I honed the art of persuasion, negotiation and education.  It was my job to discover the truth, and convince every single person in that courtroom to join me in pursuing that truth.  It was not easy.  But it was defining.  And empowering.  Despite the many painful moments that naturally arise within the criminal system- I found great joy in achieving results that were fair, and equitable.  

Once I decided to build a family, I withdrew from the extremely high volume of government work and opened a small Criminal Defense Practice.   It was there that I gained new perspectives, uncovered new truths and helped wrongfully accused individuals to overcome their greatest life setbacks.   

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, I helped my clients overcome their worst days.  


Along the way I discovered life changing concepts of mindfulness and neuroplasticity to help my clients forge new lives ahead.  In the face of their greatest life's catastrophe, I was able to parlay these incredible concepts to help my clients bridge into a life of renewed success.  Many of these clients came to me with a shattered life, and left me with a new invigorated sense of purpose. 

Organically, the criminal clients began to refer professionals with non legal setbacks- seeking help to understand their obstacles and unlock their greatest potential.  Thus, my Coaching practice was born. 


And now, as an Executive Business Coach, I help my clients arrive to their best days yet. 

Today I am fully committed to helping extraordinary individuals, business leaders and executives fulfill their highest potential for success.  I delight in working in high stress, high stakes environments.  It's precisely there that I can cut through the palpable pain in the air, and create space for efficiency and productivity.   Using scientifically proven methods, I'm able to achieve employee retention, satisfaction and a self-motivated desire to achieve new, incredibly impressive company milestones.  

Move Past Fear

A Ship In the Harbor is Safe.  

But That's Not What Ships Are Built For


-John Shedd


Discover Your Inner Truth

I Saw The Angel In the Marble and I Carved Until I Set Him Free


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